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Domaine du
Grand Mayne

Since 1985, we have been producing award-winning wines
from our beautiful vineyard in South West France

One with Nature

Terroirs of Grand Mayne

Terroir is the intimate link between soil, weather, biodiversity and the intervention of a naturalist, Man.

Domaine du Grand Mayne hosts an exceptional mosaic of terroirs rich in biodiversity, perfectly adapted for our chosen grape varieties. With soils from limestone (Saint-Emilion, Sancerre) to clay (Pomerol), our continuous vineyard is surrounded by fruitful polyculture and untouched forests. Ideally located on a higher ground, Domaine du Grand Mayne benefits from a micro-climate with an Atlantic influence. Our Team has mastered the know-how to allow for the best practice on each grape variety and plot. The different expositions on the gentle slopes offer each year a colorful palette of grapes and wines. With 34ha of vines and 8ha of forests and gardens, Domaine du Grand Mayne blends into the ecosystem of the Côtes de Duras appellation.

Domaine du Grand Mayne is not only a vineyard but a place we yearn to come back with our friends and family. At the heart of the vineyard is a wonderful cottage with everything you could dream of. A timeless experience with genuine and authentic characters, feels like home. Been a huge fan of their wines for years now, truly the best in the appellation and region!

- Johan Van Wyk- Friend of Grand Mayne

Symbiosis with an ecosystem

AGRO ecology

A wanted balance between our intervention and our ecosystem in a philosophy to contribute both wine together with nature. Our Team works in service of natural resources. Domaine du Grand Mayne is nestled in a polyculture landscape thus boasting exceptional biodiversity. Our Team’s extensive knowledge of this rich biome has tailored adequate practices for a positive impact on our vineyard. From the understanding of the soil’s microbiotas to the preservation of natural predators and pollinators, our passion of wine contributes to the fertile complexity of the ecosystem.

Feel, taste, stay

Experience Grand Mayne

Spoil your senses

We love to meet You! Come meet the Team at Grand Mayne and let yourself indulge into a flavorful visit. Our experts will guide you into the comprehension of our philosophy while discovering the fruit of our passion: our wines. Explore the terroir, learn about its beautiful complexity, it’s an authentic journey.

Stay at Grand Mayne

Nestled within the heart of our vineyard, two luxurious properties await: one with a pool, a gaming room, sleeping up to 12 and one perfect for a couple in search of a cozy and chic getaway. Contact us and come soak-in the experience…

Discover our wines


Book your visit and take a tour through our beautiful vineyard. The Team at Grand Mayne will guide you into a sensory journey across our different elixirs.

Luxury by Grand Mayne


Close to both Bordeaux and Bergerac, stay at one of our luxury villas to experience even further the Domaine’s “art de vivre”. Authentic and full of character, both of our villas are the perfect getaway for a tasteful break.

Join the Team Grand Mayne


Enquire with us about joining our Team! We are always happy to welcome fellow passion-driven, nature and wine lovers.