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sauvignon blanc, tasting and pairing guide

GRAND MAYNE - Sauvignon blanc, tasting and pairing guide

Sauvignon Blanc : its origin

Originally native to France, especially the Loire Valley and the Bordeaux Region, Sauvignon
Blanc is a white grape with green skinned berries, famous for its crisp, fresh acidity and
herbaceous, citrusy aromas but also broadly used for the production of sweet wines
(Sauternes). Sauvignon Blanc is produced all over the world now as one of the most popular
white grapes: Italy (Sauvignon Bianco), USA (Fumé Blanc), South Africa, New Zealand, Chile
and many more.

Sauvignon Blanc: where does its name come from?

Sauvignon Blanc derives from a French translation of the word “sauvinhon” from the
OC language of Southern France. The word itself takes its roots from the latin “sau” meaning
forest thus further indicating its “wild character” as a grape.
Blanc meaning “white” in French is an additional info as Sauvignon can also be found as
Sauvignon Gris (grey) and Sauvignon Rosé.
Other terms and synonyms for sauvignon blanc: blanc fume, fié and savagnou.
Fun fact: Cabernet Sauvignon is the result from the crossing of Sauvignon Blanc and
Cabernet Franc.

Sauvignon blanc: wine tasting notes

Sauvignon Blanc is mostly famous for its crisp, fresh acidity and citrusy, herbaceous flavors.
This grape is very expressive to its terroir, meaning different tasting notes depending on
where it has grown, particularly which soil type.This white wine’s main signature is a crisp and fresh finish
but can also bring more complexity when it is harvested overly matured for the production
of sweet wines like Sauternes in combination with Sémillon.
General tasting notes:
Fruit: citrus, pink grapefruit, white peach
Wood: boxwood, broom
Flower: narcissus, iris
Mineral: graphite, flint
Sauvignon Blanc, depending on its winemaking method, will reveal different palettes:
– Steel barrel: crisp, fresh with a lasting acidity
– Wooden barrel: spiced notes, vanilla, oaky

Sauvignon blanc: pairing guide

Best food pairings with sauvignon blanc: salads, seafood, fish, pasta, risotto, avocado, goat cheese, pressed cheese
Food pairing the Sauvignon Blanc from Domaine du Grand Mayne:
Fruity Sauvignon Blanc:
Crisp, fruity, fresh and light – easy drinking
Perfect for refreshing meals, summer lunches and seafood
Oysters (the iodine reveals even more freshness) – match made in heaven!
Salads (be creative, it will work!)
Sashimi – perfect wine pairing, hello summer!
Fish carpaccio – crisp and fresh
Ceviche – pairs so well with Sauvignon blanc’s citrus notes
Scallops – a gourmet match
Reserve Sauvignon Blanc:
Fresh yet with a well-balanced complexity – gastronomical wine
Perfect for richer meals, fantastic combination with fattier ingredients
Sushi (ideal with the rice and avocado combo)
Fish cooked in a sauce (lemon butter, Hollandaise)
Roast chicken with confit lemons (the perfect Sunday lunch partner)
Pressed cheese: Osau Iraty, Parmesan, Cantal, matured cheddar
GRAND MAYNE - Sauvignon blanc, tasting and pairing guide
GRAND MAYNE - Sauvignon blanc, tasting and pairing guide
GRAND MAYNE - Sauvignon blanc, tasting and pairing guide

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