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Become a Friend of Grand Mayne

As a Friend, spoil yourself and join us for a sensory adventure into the art of winemaking, the conservation of exceptional biodiversity-rich terroirs and, of course, the love of Grand Mayne’s multi-awarded wines…

Philanthropy and conservation have always been at the heart of Grand Mayne’s philosophy. With a rich history of tying strong bonds with our guests, customers and Friends, our domain has been shaped and sublimed by such enthusiasm and on-going support; not only in our efforts to produce wines of excellence but also in our endeavor to protect and reinforce strong and rich biodiversity in our vineyard and on the entire domain. In order to pursue our altruistic philosophy, we have created more than a wine club but a place where like-minded wine enthusiasts and naturalists can gather and be part of an exceptional adventure, playing an active role into preserving vast and rich ecosystems while shaping wines of excellence: the wines of Tomorrow with nature as a Friend we tenderly care for. Welcome to the Friends of Grand Mayne.

Why become a Friend of Grand Mayne?

  • your contribution helps and supports our efforts of agro-ecological winemaking thus preserving biodiversity and rich ecosystems within our vast mosaic of terroirs.
  • it gives you an access to buy wines directly from our vineyard, no in-between, from the domain to your door.
  • you have a 10% discount on our entire range of excellent, multi-awarded wines.
  • you will have access to special events and tastings at the property and from the comfort of your home with zoom reunions with the Team of Grand Mayne.
  • you will receive regular updates on the on-going processes of winemaking at Grand Mayne as well news from the vineyard itself: agro-ecology, biodiversity, life at the domain…
  • you will have access to our calendar to stay at Grand Mayne and enjoy a luxury experience within La Maison or La Petite Maison, in the heart of the vineyard.
  • you will receive special offers directly in your inbox, to keep on furnishing your wine cellar.
  • you will be part of a group of like-minded wine enthusiasts and naturalists: The Friends of Grand Mayne.

How to become a Friend of Grand Mayne?

It is very easy, and you are almost there! Simply click on the link below and register your contact details and pay the annual fee (12 months) of 10 euros and that’s it! You are now part of the Friends of Grand Mayne. You are now a protagonist and active supporter of keeping both biodiversity and winemaking alive. You are in sync with a philosophy of preserving both cultural heritage and nature striving. We are so happy to count you as one of our Friends and cannot wait to share with you the wonders of our extraordinary vineyard, together with our Team!