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Visits & tastings

2018 Coup de coeur Best of Wine tourism

Alongside some of the great vineyards of Bordeaux at the Best of Wine Tourism event in Bordeaux in 2018, we were awarded the prestigious Coup de Coeur for our achievements in developing and encouraging wine tourism. The award was given for a combination of the quality of the wines, visitor experience, successful crowd funding campaigns and the many ideas that bring wine to life at the estate for everyone. These include photography lessons, kids wine label design competitions and a very popular barbecue with music and wine tasting that ran throughout the summer. 

At the crossroad of three regions, Dordogne, Gironde and Lot & Garonne, Domaine du Grand Mayne is located in the Côtes de Duras appellation, between Bergerac and Saint-Emilion. Authentic and preserved, our region (Lot & Garonne) is home to valleys, hills and polyculture. Genuinely wild and untouched, our terroir is exceptionally diverse. 

French “art de vivre”, exquisite gastronomy and general love of great times, all awaits. Our visitors and friends are welcome for tastings at the domain for an immersive sensory journey.


The art of wine


Domaine du Grand Mayne spreads over 42 ha: 34 hectares of vineyard and 8 ha of forests, fallow and gardens. Surrounded by polyculture, our terroir boasts exceptional biodiversity. The continuous vineyard is home to numerous indigenous species, from orchids to larger fauna. Wandering through the lush and well-preserved domain allows for an in-depth reconnection with nature.

Our visitors are welcomed by our expert Team, guiding the way to the art of wine. Following an introduction to the vines and all protagonists at play within the vineyard, our guides will take you to the winery. Majestic blend between modern and traditional tools, our winery offers an insight into the subtle art of winemaking. Walking through the various processes, you will gain a deeper understanding of the creation of our awarded-wines. The journey then continues into our cellar with its impressive oak-barrels.  Fascinating and captivating, the cellar will reveal some of its secrets. Deep connection between Man, nature and wine, this where we craft the remarkable identity of our wines.

The tasting is conducted in our cozy shop, with its kids’ corner.  Different ranges and vintages are tasted, for a full introduction to our portfolio. Our expert guide will accompany you into this sensory journey. It is not about the right vocabulary but rather the emotions felt. Wine is a gift of nature, bests enjoyed with great company. Domaine du Grand Mayne welcomes both individuals and groups with picnic options to top-up the experience.

Contact us here to book your tasting with us.