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Terroirs of Grand Mayne

Diverse and Fertile: our terroirs

Terroir… So often heard and mentioned but is it fully comprehended? Myth or truth, it is often confusing for many. Terroir is the combination of nature (soil and climate as main factors) and the intervention of Man which translates into a sensory identity.

Certain soils will favorize “minerality” in wines while others may induce a more “earthy” scent or flavor. This subtle complexity is one of the ingredients that plays a role in the winemaking process. Domaine du Grand Mayne ‘s Team has long mastered the expertise of assuming the identity of our terroir.

Understanding the intricate connections between each factor: soil, climate, grape variety (etc.), Domaine du Grand Mayne has shaped its practices to naturally reveal their signature to blend into our multi-awarded wines. Since its very creation (1985), our vineyard has been designed for sustainability: preserving a wild and rich ecosystem while growing healthy vines.

Nature has always been at the center of our decision making and its involvement is incorporated into our actions.

A passion for wine and nature: our history


"Terroir is the intimate link between soil, climate, nature and the intervention of Man to forge a sensory identity"

Mathieu CrosnierWinemaker

Domaine du Grand Mayne has a rich human history of like-minded passion driven wine and nature lovers.  From the beginning, that passion was to be shared. Our philosophy and vision echoed to many.

In the late 80ies Wineshare was created by Andrew and Elvina Gordon: a private group which allowed to directly contribute and participate in the vineyard. It was a major success and it reached up to 5000 members. As the years passed and with a change of ownership, Domaine du Grand Mayne decided again to allow their faithful friends and contributors to be part of the adventure.

Philip Addis and Graham Hazel launched a crowd-funding campaign. With 650 shareholders, Domaine du Grand Mayne became the second biggest crowd-funded vineyard in the world as well as the first in France. We are proud of this rich history which is true to who we are and what we do: excellent wine made by wine lovers, for wine lovers. Being close to our customers, friends and collaborators is essential to us.

Wine before all is about great times, great company and cheer love of life. Our ethics and philosophy to achieve sustainable excellence is taking us a step further. Domaine du Grand Mayne is focussing on further developing as a prominent, sustainable agro-ecological and biodiverse wine domain.


designed for sustainability: our VINEYARD

Designed has a sustainable model, Domaine du Grand Mayne hosts a continuous vineyard of 34 hectares surrounded by 8 hectares of fallow, gardens and lush forests. Vast campaigns of planting woodland (oaks) and efforts to preserve a complex ecosystem has allowed biodiversity to prosper.

As naturalists in constant contact with our environment, it is essential to respect nature’s natural cycles. This philosophy translates into a healthy and prosperous vineyard. Located in the appellation “Côtes de Duras”, Domaine du Grand Mayne is surrounded by polyculture thus further favoring biodiversity.

Understanding the needs of our grapevine, we adapted our techniques to their entire environment: soil, above the ground and neighboring habitat. Our soils are rich and renown for excellence for winemaking: clay (Napa Valley, Bordeaux Right Bank, Barroso), limestone (Burgundy, Rhône, Loire, Tuscany, Robertson Valley) together with a mosaic of both.

Allowing natural grasses, decaying matters and letting biodiversity flourish leads to healthy soils. The rhizosphere (world of roots) benefits directly from the presence of other organisms: worms, mycorrhiza (underground fungi), among many, who will help the plant acquire essential compounds to grow. The diversification of biomes both above and below the ground then acts as a natural ally for our vineyard.

Our practices are shaped to encourage nature’s natural role. The selection of our grape varieties has been composed according to the soil types and climate of Domaine du Grand Mayne. With precise accuracy, a special attention is brought to each grape variety and its respective plots to further favorize their full potential and identity. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc are our red grape varieties and Sauvignon Blanc with Sémillon for our white varieties.

A climate dictated by an Atlantic influence yet, Domaine du Grand Mayne is ideally protected in the Lot and Garonne valleys. On the heights of the Côtes de Duras appellation, surrounded by polycultures and forests, our vineyard benefits from a micro-climate. Our rainfall is below the regional average fitting our various soil types for optimum plant development. With South and West facing slopes, our grapes receive an adequate insolation for ripening.


Dedication and expertise: our "savoir-faire"

Whether it be in the vineyard or in the cellar, Domaine du Grand Mayne’s excellence would have never been possible without the Team. Like minded naturalists and wine lovers, we are proud of the People whom have come together to make it possible.

The extensive knowledge and strength of character from each our Team members have allowed Domaine du Grand Mayne to prosper through hail, frost and all kinds of unpredictable. The engagement of the Women and Men on the ground is paramount and integrant to the success of our domain.

Driven by the same passion and ethics, every year the exceptional is achieved. A part of us resides within every bottle of wine produced. As the final ingredient to nature’s generosity, the know-how of the Team at Domaine du Grand Mayne is the binding element. Only through our common philosophy we are able to combine sustainability and excellence.

The courage and efforts of the Team, whether in the office, vineyard or the cellar, have led Domaine du Grand Mayne to its fame. We are part of the terroir we love, protect and preserve.

Domaine Du Grand Mayne