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Sustainable Development

One with Tomorrow

Apprehending the stakes of a greener tomorrow, Domaine du Grand Mayne has anchored its philosophy into a sustainable development movement. We have designed our domain and its practices to harmonize our growth with environmental protection. Our activity blends into the ecosystem and we are always seeking to achieve more.

Eight hectares of Domaine du Grand Mayne are kept for ensuring a rich ecosystem.  Forests, fallows and gardens constitute the perfect environment to host natural pollinators and predators. Sustainability is achieved through the diversification of biomes present at Domaine du Grand Mayne.

A replanting campaign of oak trees has long been initiated. These forests play a key role in the absorption of carbon as well as providing ideal homes to biodiversity. Their large rooting system stabilize the soil, thus preventing erosion and natural thermo-regulation is achieved through their sheer size and shape.


Virtuous cycle


Our activity is tailored to have the lesser impact. Our water usage at the cellar goes through a retention pond with natural bacteria and algae to process waste. This water will then pass through a natural filter of reeds to then go back to the environment. Our tools and techniques are also aiming toward this virtuous cycle. With a subtle balance between modernism and traditional heritage, we have kept our interventions on the vineyard to the minimum. The fertile and diverse ecosystem at Domaine du Grand Mayne acts as a natural collaborator.

As we simply cannot rely solely and what has already been achieved, Domaine du Grand Mayne has many future projects to come.  Our vineyard will soon host a local beekeeper to favorize the increase of biodiversity through further pollination.  Fruit trees are to be planted on several plots. Perfect for biodiversity, they contribute to both larger fauna and the underground with their high nutrients input.

As passion-driven naturalists, sustainable development is at the core of our decision making. Facing a changing climate and a general decrease in worldwide biodiversity, Domaine du Grand Mayne brings solutions to a better tomorrow, where agriculture becomes agro-ecology. The reinstatement of complex ecosystems is the legacy we share. Our activity is to be reunited with nature. Following this philosophy, Domaine du Grand Mayne is in perpetual quest to achieve more.