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Our winemakers have expertly crafted a selection of white, red and rosé wine with an accent on the fruit itself with a lasting freshness. Easy drinking wines where a glass calls for another. Our wines are aged in stainless thermo-regulated tanks to favor the natural fruit flavors of each grape variety. Fresh, well balanced and structured, our wines reveal the beauty of our terroir.

  • White Sauvignon Blanc

this wine shows a nice thirst-quenching freshness. Very tropical at the nose, it is concentrated and well balanced with a light citrusy taste at the end, finishing with a subtle acidity.

  • Red Merlot Cabernet

Lovely fresh red cherry aromas with spicy notes. It’s a very juicy wine, perfect for charcuterie aperitifs. The tannins are very light and well incorporated. Subtle complexity and well balanced, this wine is made for easy drinking.

  • Rosé Cabernet Merlot

“Better than ever” … The color is luminous with a powdery pink robe, the nose is expressive and complex mixing citrus, yellow peach, and flowers. The wine is delicate on the palate. It’s like a hug boosted by an exciting freshness. There’s a surprising long aftertaste of strawberries and a final flavor of orange skin.


Only selecting the best from each plot and grape variety, the Reserve range is aged in different oak barrels depending on their character and desired outcome. Our Reserve wines are more gastronomical: embodiment of French “art de vivre”, they will perfectly match your great meals. Well structured, velvety and gourmet, our Reserve range offer sensual flavors over a powerful body. Our white and rosé are fermented and aged in barrel for 6 to 8 months while our red is aged in oak for 12 to 18 months.


  • Reserve White

A superb robe with aromas of yellow plums, passionfruit and greengage which are kissed by toasty oak notes and framed by a bracing acidity. A lingering, mouth-watering finish with a touch of jalapeno pepper spice makes it exquisite.


  • Reserve Rosé

A superb dry rosé with hints of toasted peach and roses, perfectly carried by a beautiful structure. Fresh yet generous, ample flavors with sunshine, a marvelous rosé for any good occasions.