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People of Grand Mayne

With expertise and savoir-faire as binding elements to our terroir, the Team at Grand Mayne is quintessential to our success. Hard work, dedication, laughter and great times, all contribute to Domaine du Grand Mayne’s excellence. The vineyard and nature are both unpredictable with their fair amount of challenges: hail, frost, broken equipment…

Every year new challenges are overcome thanks to our Team of like-minded naturalists, driven by the same passion: wine and great times. One could wonder what is so different from one domain to another. At Domaine du Grand Mayne, it is most certainly the People involved. None of our exciting projects and ambitions could have come to life without our precious Team. Always going beyond, pushing their limits, the Women and Men at Grand Mayne thrive to achieve excellence: both through awarded wines and everyday life.

If you have come to visit us already then you know what we are talking about. Cheerful, welcoming and fun, our Team is the perfect personification of our philosophy: sustainability, outstanding wines for all and genuine love of sharing great times.


Faces of Grand Mayne

Get to know us and come to visit Domaine du Grand Mayne. True ambassadors to our ethics, our expert Team will take you on a sensory journey to discover the world of wine at Grand Mayne. Whether for a tasting, a picnic or even an immersive stay at one of our luxury villas, a visit is always a rewarding rendezvous.



Mechanical Genius – Pro Builder

With us since 1989, Fifi has seen the domain grow. Expert mechanic, ingenuous machine creator, Fifi’s involvement reaches beyond the vines. Fifi has built La Maison as well as the office. Down to earth and connected to its roots, whether shaping stones or engines, he is a true architect at the domain. The vineyard has no secrets to Him yet it is at the workshop that you will hear his radio singing. Always up for a great laughter, Fifi’ sense of humor definitely brightens up every day!

What speaks to you about your time at Domaine du Grand Mayne?

“I rejoice to know that I have left a trace, my finger prints at the domain. Building the houses, shaping the stones that will last, will be part of History, is genuinely rewarding.

Seeing the vines grow, the vineyard evolving, always for the better, going with nature, seeing the trees grow tall, all of that is also incredibly sublime. To have been part of this journey is also, indeed awe-inspiring.”

Manu Pato

Gardening Virtuoso – Expert Tractor Pilot

With us since 2004, Manu, originally from Portugal, blesses us with his plethora of skills. Expert gardener, he talks to the plants. Always with a big smile, Manu is also a PRO tractor driver: not skills, talent! (The harvesting machine is the size of an elephant…) In constant contact with the vineyard, Manu perpetuates our philosophy. No tasks on the vines are too much for Manu, he actually prunes at the speed of light…

What are your memorable times at Domaine du Grand Mayne?

“The Wineshare events were amazing. Seeing all the people gathering, us organizing those big meals, everyone enjoying our wines, the fruit of our passion, that was indeed memorable! I also really enjoy the diversity of tasks and jobs needed. No day is the same: we work with nature and people; we create more than a product: wine. All our hard work and negotiations with an unforgiving nature all translate into the making of wines that are loved. That really makes me proud and humble at the same time.”


Coline Sicard

Agro-Engineer – Viti-Vini Artist

Coline is our new Winemaker and Head of Culture looking after the vineyard. Coline has extensive experience (vinification in Georgia, Chili and Portugal…) and is an expert connoisseur of agro-engineering. With in depth knowledge of botany and chemistry, together with overall viti-vini culture, she pays the most precise attention to every detail from soil and vine growth to the process of winemaking in our cellars. As a true passion-driven naturalist and strong believer in re-establishing an ecological balance with our environment, she is the spark of a virtuous management of our vineyard and cellars.

What brought you to the art of Winemaking and agro-engineering?

Growing up in Southern France, I was always surrounded by nature and a general love of gastronomy and great times. My passion for nature first led me to the desire of becoming a veterinarian. Through the evolution of my studies, I embraced agro-engineering as a means to have a deeper impact on general ecosystems and their understanding in order to better preserve them. Winemaking came as the best link between man and nature: ancestral knowledge and modern techniques at the service of creating a magical and live “product”, wine. Being able to inscribe one’s work and passion into the perennial growth of a vineyard thus leading to the excellence of multi-awarded wines is, indeed, a really exciting and gripping mission. I can easily say that I love being part of such a fascinating adventure!

Junior Pato

Diligent Enthusiast – Passionate Naturalist

With us since 2022, Junior, brother of Manu, started as a seasonal worker. Genuinely happy about everything and always ready to give a hand, Junior fits perfectly at Domaine du Grand Mayne. With an accent that feels like sunshine, Junior has an infectious positive attitude/vibration. Always wanting to learn, he performs tirelessly both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

What is like working at Domaine du Grand Mayne?

“Oh, I like everything. Whether in the cellar or in the vineyard, I am just happy to learn and be part of such an adventure. Being close to nature, knowing we are doing our best to preserve it, working alongside exceptional colleagues, all makes for a great experience. So, yes, you can say that I love it all, even the hard work. I understand the purpose of it and that makes it special. We create more than a product and to know that it is loved is extremely rewarding.”


Folkert Sytsema

Ambassador and Gerant of Domaine du Grand Mayne / Chairman of Foundation Terra Bona

Folkert’s ethos lies in sustainability: for nature and people. He strongly believes that people make the difference, and that creativity is the catalyst for building a strong brand and successful enterprise. He puts people at the centre of his projects, available and engaged.

What did you feel when you first came to Domaine du Grand Mayne?

“An impactful beauty. The nature all around, the estate itself and its layout, the way it fits so perfectly well within such a pristine environment, I felt at home immediately. It was very attractive and yet so functional and with an opportunity to reach further. I could see the potential of an exceptional property. The team was so warm, friendly and welcoming and also efficient in what they did. Domaine du Grand Mayne is a perfect sustainable model that can go so far, it is incredibly exciting, a bright future lies ahead of us. 


Grand Mayne’s Emissary – Overseas ‘ Magician

With us since July 2022, Sarah has taken up the challenge to manage all UK orders, deliveries and customer services. With a strong background in catering and book-keeping, Sarah definitely knows how to keep things organized  and above all: how to deliver. Although on her own abroad, Sarah is essential to the Team and keeps Grand Mayne as one of UK’s most wanted. Seriously, how can one manage so well to keep things so flawless between France and its favorite neighbor’s very own custom challenges?

How do you feel about being part of Grand Mayne?

“It’s a beautiful experience. I could not be happier to have joined such a warm and welcoming Team. This new challenge allows for new opportunities, where my skills and duties contribute to something bigger, something grand. It is indeed gratifying to be more than a link between Grand Mayne’s wines and our UK friends. We bring more than a product, we share experiences… Furthermore, once you taste that Sauvignon or that Rosé (my favorites), well, you can only want to embark!”   

Domaine Du Grand Mayne