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Reconnecting with nature

What is agroecology ? It is the application of ecological and sustainable concepts in agriculture through the management of various agroecosystems. 

Including nature as a natural ally and working directly to favorize complex and fertile ecosystems, is the philosophy we share at Domaine du Grand Mayne.


" Sustainability is a political choice, not a technical one. It’s not a question of whether we can be sustainable, but whether we choose to be"

Gary LawrenceAuthor

Our Philosophy


Domaine du Grand Mayne holds a rich and diverse terroir. Our vineyard of 34 hectares is supported by 8 hectares of fallow, forests and gardens. On the heights of the Côtes de Duras appellation, our terroir is supported by polyculture, thus offering a multitude of fertile environments for biodiversity to prosper. Domaine du Grand Mayne has been thought to further encourage complex and fertile ecosystems. Our continuous vineyard is surrounded by forests and fallow thus creating natural corridors for biodiversity.

Below the ground, the rhizosphere (the world of roots) is full of life: invertebrates, insects and mycorrhiza (underground fungi) all contribute to the health of our soils. As protagonists and natural allies, the biomass provides an array of benefits for the vast underground forests that are the roots of our grapevines. 

Providing help in the uptake of essential compounds such as minerals while also favorizing the absorption of nutrients, the biomass allows for optimal growing conditions. The Team at Domaine du Grand Mayne has tailored their practices to further protect and encourage the fertility of our soils. Through selective management of our various agroecosystems, we have offered a suitable environment for our natural allies. The vineyard is home to countless indigenous grasses and natural soil cover. These habitats are willingly left to grow. 

The complexity and diversity is embraced as part of a healthy ecosystem. Micro-managing each plot of the vineyard has led to the optimization of our involvement. Being close to our terroir allows for careful and adapted practices. Blending modern tools with traditional heritage, the Team at Grand Mayne thrives to provide a fertile and preserved growing environment for our vines. Above the ground, pollinators and natural predators offer essential help to our vineyard. 

Including these natural solutions into our practices, Domaine du Grand Mayne has preserved diversity of habitats offering suitable homes. As passion-driven naturalists it is essential for us to be working together with nature. Domaine du Grand Mayne and its rich, diverse terroir is at the image of our philosophy.

Sustainable development

Facing the challenges of the falling of biodiversity and climate change, Domaine du Grand Mayne has anchored its philosophy into a sustainable model where complex ecosystems supports our activity. With its eight hectares dedicated to the enrichment of biodiversity, our continuous vineyard is designed to have the lowest impact on the environment. 

The proximity of the exploitation to the cellars allows for a reduced usage of our tractors. With the help from natural contributors to prevent pests and to bring natural fertilizers, our interventions are also kept minimal. As a virtuous cycle, Domaine du Grand Mayne works together with nature. To further support such sustainability, vast forests of oaks have been replanted and many upstanding projects are blooming. 

Additional replanting campaigns are planned: fruit trees, hays and grove are to complement Domaine du Grand Mayne ‘s terroir. A local beekeeping project will soon be home at the domain… 

Constantly seeking to do more, Domaine du Grand Mayne recently supported in its efforts by the noble Terra Bona Foundation, offers a sustainable model to modern winemaking practices. Working toward a greener tomorrow is the legacy we share


Carbon footprint

Comprehending the impact of our activity into the carbon cycle, Domaine du Grand Mayne has shaped its practices to reduce its carbon foot print. The vineyard, in its diverse plotting attribution, is designed to balance our intervention with a positive absorption of the carbon produced. The domain hosts vast forests of oaks, natural collaborators in the carbon cycle. The continuous vineyard with the proximity of the vines to the cellar, together with a selective plan of action favors a reduced usage of vehicles. The Team Grand Mayne each year elaborates a specified agenda answering the needs of each plot. The micro-management of the vineyard allows for precise and only compulsory interventions. Since 2022, the noble Terra Bona Foundation brings the means for Domaine du Grand Mayne to perpetuate and refine its philosophy of sustainability. The future is exciting and we cannot wait to share with you all the projects about to bloom.



Domaine du Grand Mayne has a sustainable, agroecological approach: the domain is designed and encouraged to allow biodiversity to prosper. 



The key to a sustainable ecosystem resides in its diversification: the more habitats, the more diversity present. The eight hectares of fallows, forests and gardens combined with the polyculture surrounding Domaine du Grand Mayne, all act as natural habitats to biodiversity. Our agricultural practices are tailored to further favorize such abondance: indigenous grasses within the ranks, reduced phytosanitary interventions etc. The vineyard hosts natural corridors for wildlife to prosper. 

Our soils are preserved and naturally rich in biomass favorizing nutrients uptake and optimum ventilation thus providing ideal growing habitat to our vines. Biodiversity at Domaine du Grand Mayne is embraced and considered as a natural contributor to our efforts. Our terroir is healthy and diverse which translates into the production of berries full of flavors. The vineyard prospers alongside the surrounding wilderness, as a virtuous cycle. 

Safe haven for wildlife, Domaine du Grand Mayne is the proof of a harmonized agriculture with nature.