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Agroecology: reconnecting with nature

Following the philosophy of agroecology, Domaine du Grand Mayne has preserved and strengthened existing ecosystems. Our practices aim to protect and enhance biodiversity as we embrace its functions within such ecosystems. Through conservation and regeneration, our model allows biodiversity to prosper and favor its sustainability.

Natural allies: Functional Biodiversity

Biodiversity, with its fertile complexity, is a natural protagonist in the health of an ecosystem. Natural allies to many agricultural challenges (pests, soil health etc.), biodiversity is then considered as “functional”. Enhancing ecological infrastructures (hays, hedges, fallow etc.) allows for greater support for high populations of organisms. 

Providing various and adapted biomes/habitats encourages sustainable regulation: pollination, pest control. Furthermore, the density of biodiversity also affects the overall health of soils. Microbiotas, invertebrates, mycorrhiza, insects, all enrich their environment with their various functions: worms will push nutrients deep while keeping soils aerated, mycorrhiza will help the roots of the grapevine in its uptake of essential compounds, to name but a few of these essential health workers. 

The integration of biodiversity into the agroecological management plan creates a virtuous cycle where our interventions are subsequently reduced. Working with nature, as opposed to against it.

A sustainable model: Domaine du Grand Mayne

Domaine du Grand Mayne benefits from a preserved and highly diversified terroir. The vineyard is surrounded by eight hectares of forests, fallows, and gardens. The diversification of habitats functions as wildlife reservoir, favorizing a rich ecosystem. Within the vineyard, several ecological infrastructures have been preserved: wildlife corridors, hedges, large trees etc. These supporting assets allow for biodiversity to interact directly within the cultivated land. Biodiversity is naturally stimulated to home within Domaine du Grand Mayne.

The health and vitality of our soils is paramount to our vines. In the vineyard, our Team preserves  ground cover within the ranks, acting as a supporting ecological infrastructure. The reduced tillage has allowed for indigenous species to prosper thus boosting microbiotas, enhancing water retention and temperature control. Decaying vine stalks are included in the virtuous cycle: providing essential elements for the rhizosphere.  

The Team at Domaine du Grand Mayne has expertly designed its agroecological management plan. Always close to the vineyard, understanding the needs of each plot, the Team carefully adapts its interventions. Only when compulsory, motorized solutions are applied. The rotation of our practices favors natural fertility and biodiversity.

Recently teamed with the noble Terra Bona Foundation, Domaine du Grand Mayne has the means to go further. Today’s efforts will echo tomorrow. Numerous exciting projects are to bloom at the domain: beekeeping, replanting campaigns of fruit trees and hedges within the vineyard etc. Constantly reinventing a virtuous model, we believe in sustainability for the production of our multi-awarded wines.  A rich, wild and biodiverse vineyard is the legacy we share.