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Awards and reviews

International recognition: the awards

Following a philosophy toward excellence, Domaine du Grand Mayne has carefully selected remarkable competitions to showcase its wines. Each of these contests highlights quality and expertise and are judged by panels of professionals. Putting the quality of the product as paramount, our wines are blind-tasted. Entrusting the proficiency of the diversity of professionals conducting the contests, Domaine du Grand Mayne is proud to be amongst the few awarded every year. Vowing for the expertise of our Team, these awards and recognitions are the fruit of passion, hard work and dedication.

The most precious price: your recognition

With these awards as quality guidelines, Domaine du Grand Mayne’s most precious prizes are your reviews and feedback. As fellow wine lovers, it is essential for us to share with you our philosophy and hard work through the excellence of our wines. Domaine du Grand Mayne is about great genuine moments, shared and personal. Subjective and complex, wine enhances and beautify different stages of our lives. Our distinctive ranges have been tailored to fit each of these precious moments from the simple pleasures of everyday to the most remarkable celebrations. Our ranges are designed to be enjoyed by everyone: connoisseurs and novices. The wines of Domaine du Grand Mayne are best enjoyed by You.  

Concours Agricole de Paris

France’s biggest annual competition, the Concours Agricole de Paris awards producers of different sectors for the quality of their product, reflecting France’ savoir-faire. A rigorous process of impartial pre-selections in the regions and a selection in Paris accounts for the value of the results. Competition with the most entrants and samples, the Concours Agricole de Paris is a global reference in the world of wine. The samples are collected randomly in the commercial stock or directly in the cellars by a certified agent from the Chamber of Agriculture. The samples are kept traceable by barcodes yet anonymized for the preselection and then the final. All wines are blind-tasted by a panel of judges made by professionals from the industry: oenologists, sommeliers, wine makers.

Decanter World Wine Awards

For twenty years now, Decanter World Wine Awards is recognized as the world’s most influential wine competition. Wines are selected and grouped by regions then blind-tasted by a panel of world class expert judges. Through a process of tasting notes and reviews, the judges then jointly decide on the awards.

Hachette's Wine Guide

For thirty years now, Hachette’s Wine Guide has become a reference for wine enthusiasts. With over 40 000 wines tasted every year, Hachette’s Wine Guide provides expert and reliable reviews. Judged by a panel of professionals from the industry, each wine is blind-tasted. The awarding process highlights the quality of each product regardless of price range with an emphasis on diversity. Only the latest bottled vintages are tasted every year to fully grasp the identity and character of each wine. The collegial process of judgement allows for an objective review of the subjectivity of each sample.

The Drinks Business - Global Masters Awards

The Global Masters awards is a competition held by the famous wine & spirits magazine: The Drinks Business. Fairly recent yet already popular, this contest consists of a panel of expert judges: Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers, tasting wines according to style and price range and not restricted to location. All wines are blind-tasted and each type has its respective competition: Sauvignon Blanc Masters, Cabernet Sauvignon Masters etc.

International Wine Challenge

For close to forty years now, the International Wine Challenge judges wine from forty-two wine producing countries, classified by region, alcohol and sugar percentage. All wines are blind tasted by several panels of judges consisting of senior experts from the industry. The several tastings by different judges accounts for an accurate and unison awarding process. Each year, the awards allow for international recognition.