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The berries

Before journeying to our cellars, our winemaking process starts already in the vineyard. It’s about the berries… A crucial part of our intervention resides in the timing of our harvest. In effect, our winemaker tastes constantly the different berries to discover and judge of their ripening.

To allow precision and optimum management, each plot is picked individually. Each harvest treated as one. The picking of the grapes is done mechanically. Although less glamorous if we may say, mechanical picking has an essential advantage: time efficiency. Being able to collect large amounts while being fast allows for optimal picking, thus counteracting the nature’s possible whims like rain or hail. We collect in the early hours, before sunrise, for maximum freshness in the berries.  The precious “caviar” is then transported to the tank cellar.

The Cellars


Built in 1986 (with an addition in 1993) and 2003 our cellars are modern and ergonomic. The first holds our tanks and this is where most of the vinification process will occur. The second is the barrel cellar: this is where our wine will further continue their evolution.

The Winery

The harvest is processed into the selected tanks. Our winemaker will expertly judge when and how all the various interventions will need to be carried out. Our tanks are thermo-controlled for an optimal temperature consistency. The vinification process has started. Once the desired results are achieved then it is time for our Reserve wines to pursue their evolution into the barrels.

The Barrel Cellar

Barrels too are essential actors in the winemaking process and the creation of an identity, a signature. Noble and beautiful, barrels act as natural components to winemaking. They may bring complexity and structure to the wine. The secret lies within the balance: new vs old, how long and what volumes? Our winemaker has mastered this art and our cellar is the representation of years of countless questioning and experimenting. We are constantly seeking to refine our methods. Every vintage brings a new goal to achieve a subtle balance between the fruit and the oak