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ViNEYARD of Grand Mayne

The Vineyard and its terroirs

Domaine: 42 ha, comprising of 34 ha of vines and 8 ha of fallow, garden, orchard and forest

Appellation : Côtes de Duras

Geography: continuous vineyard located on a hill, surrounded by forests, fallow and polycultures Soil: mosaic from clay (top of the hill) to limestone (bottom)

Climate: Atlantic influence, various exposition from South to West, micro-climate (hilltop)

Grapes : Merlot 12 ha, Cabernet Sauvignon 6 ha, Cabernet Franc 3 ha, Sauvignon Blanc 12 ha, Sémillon 1 ha – 3300 vines per ha

Diverse and fertile: our SoILs

Domaine du Grand Mayne holds an exceptional soil mosaic ranging from clay (Napa Valley, Barroso, Bordeaux right bank) to Limestone (Burgundy, Rhône, Loire, Tuscany, Robertson Valley) with other minor variants. With such a complete and complex range, our vineyard offers a multitude of solutions to the grapevines depending on what each year has to offer. This extraordinary palette of growing environment brings solutions for optimal ripening to both wet and dry years.


– Clay

 Clay is dense and able to hold water. It brings consistent cool temperatures to the roots of the vine which helps in the prevention of over-ripening in hot and dry years.

Clay offers ideal conditions for the vine to build essential compounds for growing healthy berries.

 – Limestone

 Limestone is rich in calcium carbonate which facilitates the absorption of the right dosage of minerals by the rooting system thus producing healthy berries.

Owing to its loose particle aggregation, limestone allows for deep and prosperous rooting for the vine. The water retention of this soil type is also remarkable, fitting perfectly to our climate.

 – Vineyard

 With such a mosaic, our Team is able to produce each year ripe berries with different characteristics thus adding complexity to the winemaking process. This complexity is a vital element in the creation of our wines. Each plot and its grape variety are worked upon accordingly. With such methods our winemaker is able to obtain both minerality and acidity to the process.

Atlantic influence and valleys: our CLimate

A climate dictated by an Atlantic influence yet, Domaine du Grand Mayne is ideally protected in the Lot and Garonne valleys.

On the heights of the Côtes de Duras appellation,  and surrounded by polycultures and forests, our vineyard benefits from a micro-climate.

Our rainfall is below the regional average fitting our various soil types for optimum plant development.

With South and West facing slopes, our grapes receive an adequate insolation for ripening.

the expertise of our Team

The Team at Domaine du Grand Mayne is an essential actor in the comprehension of our terroir. It is thanks to our philosophy and values that our vineyard is so healthy. Our practices have been integrated into the apprehension of the ecosystem as a whole. Agro-ecology as a fundamental, the Team at Grand Mayne works together with nature, Man’s intervention as a factor as opposed to a driving motor. Our passion for our natural environment has tailored our processes.


By protecting the ecosystem, our interventions remain minimal, causing less stress and a healthier vineyard. We are proud to know that all in a glass of our wines is the result of that connection to nature.


The know-how of the Team at Domaine du Grand Mayne shapes our wines. It is with an everyday, year-round attention that we understand and accompany the vineyard. With careful analysis and by tasting the berries, our Winemaker will choose the right plots and grape varieties for ideal harvesting time. Then when the winemaking processes start, we rely on the expertise of our Team. It is their hands and time that create our wines. Their decision making is the binding element of our terroir.