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The 2022 Vendange / Grape Harvest

GRAND MAYNE - The 2022 Vendange / Grape Harvest

What is the “vendange”?

Vendange comes from an old French word “vendenge”, wine collecting, which originate from the Latin “vindemia”, from “vinum” meaning wine and “demo” meaning to take away. The vendange has always been a special time both in the vineyard, cellar and for popular culture. In effect, the grape harvest used to be a time where all would come together for grape picking and generally having a great time. More and more, today, many vineyards and chateau prefer mechanical harvesting over manual picking. Both have their advantages but the mechanical harvest allows for optimum collection in a short time thus preserving cool temperatures and homogeneity in the berries for maximum natural flavor.

Domaine du Grand Mayne 2022 grape harvest

Domaine du Grand Mayne is ideally located in the valleys of the Lot and Garonne, in the Côtes de Duras appellation. A strong Atlantic influence dominates the climate yet the domain is well protected owing to its particular topography. Furthermore, the vineyard has been designed to preserve the surrounding forests and woodland thus offering more protection and natural climatic regulations (natural shade, windbreak etc.).

The year 2022 has been particularly hot and dry. We did indeed face extreme heat conditions with a depressingly low rainfall. However, thanks to our philosophy of agroecology, the vineyard still yielded superb grapes and berries but in slightly lower quantities. We are most certainly convinced that our efforts in agroecology helped the vines in this tough year. In effect, the presence of the various forests and woodlands surrounding the vineyard acts as a natural heat and humidity regulator: offering more shade and giving off a cooler, more humid air in the evenings. The ranks of vine are naturally kept covered with indigenous grass thus further protecting the soil and maximizing air regulation (the complex ecosystem of the rhizosphere – world underground – is naturally ventilated by fungi, insects and invertebrates).

The Team at Grand Mayne is always on watch of the grapes before harvest. With our expert winemaker, we establish the right dates according to the perfect ripening of each grape variety and selective plot. Once the grape samples are ripe to perfection (sugar level, acidity, etc.), then it is important to be reactive and efficient. Working with nature is unpredictable and fortunately, this year 2022, we did not have any rain before actual harvesting thus leaving the berries intact. In the early hours of the morning, the Team is already prepared. The cellar is optimized to receive the precious vendange and the harvest machine is good to go. We use a harvesting machine in order to be proactive and fast: our particular machine is extremely precise and do not damage the berries yet works fast hence allowing us to collect the grape at its freshest and altogether at same conditions. The temperature of the grapes is important to reveal the natural flavors of each berry.

This year the harvest in the vineyard started early: in the last week of August until end of September for our 33 hectares. The harvest was well received in the cellar and processed into the tanks after having scrapped the clusters. The 2022 vendange is of high quality and already offering voluptuous aromas and flavors. Our winemakers are now operating their magic in the winery, but the results are already sublime.

Vendange 20022: book a wine tasting

Come and book a wine tasting at Domaine du Grand Mayne. Our expert Team will welcome you and take you on a tour in the vineyard, the winery and cellar. You will get a chance to discover our wines and understand their winemaking process. The tasting will then be conducted in our cosy boutique where you will embark on a sensory journey through our portfolio!

GRAND MAYNE - The 2022 Vendange / Grape Harvest